Sign My Travel

What it is? What is the purpose of the project? How did we come to this? Project Opportunities?

Sign my travel is first of all informational content, acquaintance with famous people who have made significant treasure in the development of their country and world; Thanks to a T-shirt, we had the opportunity to collect sign and personally meet with such people, thus we are very pleased to learn more about their activities.

Based on this, we created an idea with T-shirts, the purpose of which is to unite and maintain connections between people, through the fact that people leave their mark on the T-shirt, namely, their own sign.

We also created a personal blog, thanks to which you can find out what problems each traveler may face and how to deal with them correctly. You can read more here.

Currently we have collected several murals from different countries, such as: Germany, Sri Lanka, Armenia, etc. We aim to develop a non-stereotypical view of travel using our own blog. In the future we plan to cooperate with one or more charitable foundations and give a certain percentage of sales to help those in need.

The possibilities of the project are absolutely endless, because it is gaining momentum and already has a special significance among famous people and travelers. We try to follow the trends of the youth, thereby maintaining contact not only with more experienced people, but also with the younger generation.

We hope that in the future the project will become not only the meaning of our life, but also the meaning of life for many people!